This trip will allow you to discover the Chukotka and reach the easternmost point of Eurasia: Cape Dezhnev, named after the region’s first Russian explorer. You will get there by boat through the Bering Strait. Apart from visiting the capital Anadyr, most of your stay will be in the village of Lorino, considered the whaling capital of Russia. During these few days you will have the opportunity to learn about and participate in some of the activities of the local population. This will be accompanied by exchanges with the locals, directly or through your guide.

The great climatic instability of the region may not allow you to make all the planned visits or they may not be in the order originally planned. It is also advisable not to schedule any important meetings immediately after returning home as there is the danger of being stuck in place for a few days.

You will need an additional internal visa to enter this border area.

Day 1 Flight Geneva-Moscow. Transfer to airport for flight to Anadyr.

Day 2 Arrival in Anadyr, the most populous center in the region.

Transfer to the hotel and lunch. City tour on foot of Anadyr, the most populous center of the region. Dinner. Participation in the rite of "feeding the spirits".

Day 3 Anadyr-Lavrentia flight

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Lavrentia. Transfer by car to the village of Lorino. Accommodation in a private apartment. Dinner. An ethnographer's account of the history of Chukotka whaling.

Day 4 Sea excursion

Breakfast. Motor boat trip to observe gray whales and learn about whaling. Lunch. Walk in the village. Dinner. Story on the development of the Chukotka.

Day 5 Underground glacier and hot springs of Lorino.

Breakfast. Visit an underground glacier and a whalebone engraving workshop. Relaxation at the hot springs of Lorino and picnic. Dinner. Meeting with representatives of Eskimo and Chukchi cultures.

Day 6 Excursion to the reindeer herders

Breakfast. Departure for a reindeer herders camp in an all-terrain car and by boat. Meeting with reindeer breeders, observation and photos of the herd. Launch of the lasso. Participation in the preparation of a meal based on reindeer meat. Story on the way of life of the breeders. Return to Lorino.

Day 7 Cape Dezhnev

Breakfast. If the weather is nice trip by sea to Uelen. Stop at Cape Dezhnev. Picnic in Naukan and climb to Cape Dezhnev, with its abandoned meteorological station and the lighthouse. Continuation to Uelen. Return to Lorino.

Day 8 Excursion to the sea hunters camp

Breakfast. Excursion to Akkani, where the base of sea hunters is located. Walk in the village. Dinner with local specialties. Return to Lorino.

Day 9 Meeting with the sea hunters.

Breakfast. Participation in whale hunting competitions and harpoon launching. Farewell dinner with dishes from the local cuisine.

Day 10 Return to Anadyr

Breakfast. Transfer to Lavrentia, flight to Anadyr. On arrival transfer to the Anadyr River estuary to observe traditional salmon fishing. Picnic on the beach. Shopping. Return to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 11 The Anadyr Museum

Breakfast. Visit of the Chukotka Heritage Museum. Lunch. Visit a sewing workshop. Dinner. Exhibition of a folk ensemble (dance or throat singing).

Day 12 Return to Moscow

Breakfast. Crossing the Gulf of Anadyr by ferry and excursion to the abandoned military base of Gudym. Picnic on the way. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Moscow. Transfer to the airport of the return flight. Overnight at hotel.

Day 13 Flight Moscow-Geneva

Price : from CHF 3500

Included: accommodation and meals three times a day, return plane tickets Anadyr-Lavrentia, transfers and excursions, rental of boats and off-road cars, entrance to museums and tours and shows, the services of a guide, the special visa for border areas.

Not included: Geneva-Moscow and Moscow-Anadyr return tickets. Meals in Moscow.