Practical information

Booking : will be closed one month before departure.

Visa : invitation is included in the price, but not visa. The visa application can be done by the agency when the traveller lives in Geneva canton. A very long time can be necessary when an internal permit is required besides the usual visa.

Insurances : health insurances are compulsory in order to obtain the Russian visa.

Vaccines : if the itinerary includes walking in woods the vaccine against ticks is recommended.

Equipment : details will be available as soon as booking is confirmed. We advise to have your own unless renting is possible on the spot. Sometimes you will have the opportunity to buy it at destination.

Recommendations : a medical check is advised and, possibly, some training in trekking according to the chosen trip. Travellers must also be aware of their resistance to altitude.

Communication network : mobile phones work in cities, but rarely in scarcely populated areas.