Lena River

Lena River, whose name means in the local language « big river », is the biggest in North-East Siberia and the tenth in the world lengthwise (4400 km). Its source lies in a swamp a few kilometres away from the Baikal Lake, but it flows for its greatest part in Yakutia and it forms an enormous delta in the Laptev Sea. Lena becomes wider and deeper as soon as it enters Yakutia and can be as wide as 10 km starting from Yakutsk. It is strewed over with several islands, but there are few and very small inhabited centres on its shores.

This waterway is the main transportation artery in Yakutia both for passengers and goods and can be navigable from 125 to 170 days.

Lenskye Stolby (Lena pillars) are considered as its most picturesque landscape. They form a 100-200 metres high rock North of Yakutsk on a length of 40 km.

Its most unexpected part might be a buffalo ranch imported from Canada who seem to have become acclimatized very rapidly because they probably come originally from this region.

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