Lena cruise programme

Cruise Programme

The cruise goes downstream the Lena River up to its mouth and upstream up to Yakutsk. The ship is medium size but comfortable and it is often attended by an international clientele. The organizers will accompany you to discover the sites on the river’s shore all along and will help you to know the customs of this quite unknown region.

1st Day. Flight to Moscow. Arrival in Moscow. Flight to Yakutsk

2nd Day Arrival in Yakutsk. Free time. Dinner.

3rd Day Breakfast. City tour of Yakutsk. Lunch. Shopping. Dinner.

4th Day Breakfast. Accommodation on the ship. Lunch. Visit of the diamond’s museum in the city. Back to the ship. Dinner. Safety instructions. Concert.

5th Day Breakfast. Instructions about the excursion to the Lena pillars which are already on sight. Arrival to the site where a shaman ceremony takes place. Climb to the pillars.  Lunch.  Free time on the river’s shore. Fishing. Dinner. Cocktail offered by the captain.

6th Day Breakfast. Arrival to the buffalo site. Visit of a cattle farm. Lunch. Visit of the ship. Documentary film about buffalos. Dinner.

7th Day Breakfast. Conference about Yakutia. Introductory lesson about local craftsmanship. Lunch. Introductory lesson about the local instrument: khomus. Documentary film about Yakutia. Dinner. Musical evening.

8th Day Breakfast. Arrival in Zhigansk. Folkloric concert and visit of a local museum. Departure. Lunch. Conference about Yakutia. Lesson of local craftsmanship. Dinner. Musical evening.

9th Day Breakfast. Lesson of local craftsmanship. Conference about Yakutia. Khomus lesson. Lunch. Arrival in Kiusiur. Folkloric concert, exhibition of local craftsmanship and tasting of local food. Back to the ship. Dinner. Musical evening.

10th Day Breakfast. Arrival in Neelovo bay. Check at the border. Documentary film about Tiksi. Lunch. Departure by bus to Tiksi. Musical programme and walk in the city. Back to the ship. Dinner.

11th Day Breakfast. Conference about Lena. Visit of the ship. Lunch. Local dance and craftsmanship lesson. Dinner. Musical evening.

12th Day Breakfast. Conference about Yakutia culture. Exhibition of local craftsmanship. Khomus lesson. Lunch. Arrival in Stepanovka and visit of a local fisherman’s hut. Dinner. Musical evening.

13th Day Breakfast. Conference about shamanism in Yakutia. Film about Yakutia. Lunch. General dance rehearsal. Neptune festival. Handing out of the certificates for the passage of polar circle. Dinner. Stop « Polar circle». Tasting of a fish soup on the shore. Back to the ship.

14th Day Breakfast. Conference about the summer festival in Yakutia. Snooker championship. Introductory lesson of Yacoubian language. Lunch. General rehearsal of the khomus concert. Debate about Yakutia life. Dinner. Legend of the Yakutia old shaman Agrafena.

15th Day Breakfast. Last lesson of craftsmanship and ethnographic film about Yakutia. General dance rehearsal. Lunch. Presentation of photos about Russia seen by a foreign tourist. Stop in a wood on the shore. Free programme. Fishing. Brochettes on a campfire. Bonfire and songs. Back to the ship.

16th Day Breakfast. Free time. Lunch. Visit of the museum of the architectural ensemble Sottintzy. Dinner and farewell performance.

17th Day Breakfast. Arrival in Yakutsk harbour. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Moscow. Arrival in Moscow and flight to Geneva. Arrival in the evening.

Price : from € 2800

Included : the cruise with all excursions and meals 

Not included : flights, hotel in Yakutsk, city tour, visit of the diamonds museum, transfers from and to the airport