Primorie Region

This region is located on the shore of the Pacific, at the furthest south-eastern border of the Russian Federation, which it has entered one century and a half ago.

Vladivostok, its capital, was founded in 1860 by Nikolay Mouraviev, later named Mouraviev-Amourskii, following its exploration of the Amur River area. Another well-known Far East explorer is the Russian Empire officer Vladimir Arsenev. During his exploratory missions he met the indigenous people and, among them, Dersu Uzala. The latter became the main character of one of his works and of a movie of the Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa which had a big success in the 70ies.

Vladivostok has played a major military role since the end of the nineteenth century and during the world wars. The fortress split between the continent and the Russkiy Island witnesses of its strategical importance. Presently two sections have been transformed into a museum and they are accessible to tourists.

The transport network allows the city to be the link between East and West. Last stop of the Trans-Siberian, it has just build a new airport and, in 2015, it has become a free port in order to make the trade exchanges with the Pacific countries easier.

Primorie is very rich in fauna and flora. There it is possible to admire the Amur tiger, the biggest specimen of tiger in the world, leopards, bears, and other species in vast enclosures functioning as a large zoo (safari-park) or in rehabilitation areas or even in the wild or in national parks and reserves. The Sikhote-Alin region is part the UNESCO World Heritage.

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