Hiking in Putorana Plateau


The trip starts in Norilsk (see description Norilsk-Krasnoyarsk), but it is essentially trekking around Lama Lake. The base camp is the starting and end point every day. The Plateau is not very busy and not yet entirely opened to tourism.


July and August (11 days-10 nights)

1st Day

Flight to Moscow. Arrival in Moscow. Flight to Norilsk.

2nd Day Arrival in Norilsk. Transfer to the hotel. Breakfast followed by a short rest. Transfer to the river port. Departure to the base camp on Lama Lake. Duration of the trip: about 7 hours according to the weather. You will observe a changing landscape. With spectacles you may able to see the snow bighorn sheep. After arrival at base camp on the eastern side of the lake, you accommodate in double or triple rooms. Dinner. During evening tea, the owner of the camp will tell you about Putorana and local inhabitants.
3rd Day Breakfast. Excursion to the “Crying rocks”. This name comes from the impression given by the small rivers flowing from the rocks to merge in waterfalls. Duration 6-8 hours for 15 km. After having reached the base of the rocks by boat, you start climbing and will finally see a waterfall. The most experienced hikers can go higher and have a very beautiful view on the lake from a platform. Picnic. Descent toward the plateau and back to the camp by the lake’s shore. Dinner with local dishes. Visit of the section of the collection devoted to clothes.
4th Day Breakfast. Excursion “In the valley of Vekkhtai river”. Duration 4-6 hours for 15 km. Climb along the right tributary of the river from where you will reach a very beautiful view of the waterfalls formed by the left tributaries of the river. Back to the base camp. Dinner with local dishes. You continue the visit of the ethnographic collection focusing this time on working tools.
5th Day Breakfast. Excursion “Climb of Shaitan mountain”. This is the place of the “Great Force” in the local tradition, where was living the last shaman, who died in the ‘30ies. Duration 6-8 hours for 17 km. At first by boat to the river coming into the lake Lama from the mountain. When the weather is clear you can see on the slope of the mountain the “Shaitan face”, enormous human face in profile. Climb. Beautiful of a set of waterfalls going down into the lake. Walk on the plateau opening on a valley. The second part of the hike is for experienced hikers. Back to the lake and by boat to the base camp. Dinner. Meeting and discussion with representatives of local inhabitants who work at the base camp. They will speak about their traditions.
6th Day Breakfast. Excursion “In the footsteps of the Evenk hunters”. Duration 6-8 hours for 22 km. By boat up to the river descending into Lama Lake from the mountain. Stop on the remnants of an old Evenk camp and later to look at two old wooden idols. You enter a forest to reach two ridges leading to a large terrace. This is the site probably occupied by an ancient town destroyed by explosions. Picnic. Back to the base camp. Dinner. Another visit to the ethnographic collection and namely to the section devoted to objects of worship.
7th Day Breakfast. “Excursion “Upstream on Khoisi river” Duration 6-8 hours for 20/30 km. according to the group’s wish. Transfer by boat to the mouth of Khoïsi river. You reach the several kilometres long Khoïsi canyon, following terraces. In this place a detachment of the army of Alexander the Great was defeated and its commander buried. Picnic. Back to the base camp. Dinner. Continuation of the presentation about shamanism around the authentic dwelling in the shape of tree hut which is exhibited in the base camp.
8th day Breakfast. Excursion “Walk on the Lama lake”. 95 km transfer by motorboat and 11 km on foot. First you go the mouth of Neralakh river near a beautiful waterfall. Then you reach an isthmus between Lama and Kashoug lakes from which you a have a very good view on both lakes. Picnic. Back to the base camp. Dinner. Visit of a maze 500 meters from the base camp.
9th day Breakfast. Back to Norilsk by boat. Picnic half way. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner.
10th Day Breakfast. Guided tour of Norilsk industrial area. Lunch. Visit of Norilsk museum and of the first city house. Free time. Dinner.
11th Day Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Moscow. Arrival in Moscow. Flight to Geneva. Arrival in the evening.

Price € 1630

Included : double room at the hotel in Norilsk, triple room at the base camp, transfer from and to the airport in Norilsk, all the transfers in the programme, instructors and guides-rangers, the meals during the stay at the base camp, all the excursions described in the programme, 2 hours of sauna twice during the stay.   

Not included: visa, special permit to visit the region, flights, meals in Norilsk and at the airport, all alcohol drinks, use of satellite communication for personal reasons,  health insurance including transport for medical reasons, staff extra hours, sauna beyond the assigned time and all services not mentioned in the programme.

Supplement pour individual room at the hotel: € 100 
Supplement pour individual room at the base camp: € 300 
Supplement pour double room at the base camp: € 85

1. All the excursions are accompanied by one or several rangers according to the number of participants. They all have a radio link. The length of the itinerary depends on the physical condition of the participants. 
2. After dinner it is possible to ask for a sauna, to walk in the surroundings, to fish or to practice dragnet fishing.

3. Norilsk city tour takes place the first day if weather conditions do not allow to go immediately to the base camp.

4. Good physical shape is a must. Medium difficulty. 
5. Possibility to visit the city of Dudinka on Yenisei River.
6. It is important to book the trip very early. You will need not only a Russian visa but also a special permit to access this region.