It is the northernmost and easternmost region of Russia, largely beyond the Arctic Circle. It has the lowest population density in the country given the extreme climatic conditions (temperatures between +10 in summer and -40 in winter). As soon as you arrive at the airport, you will be greeted by a sign announcing that you are "in the land of genuine people", a reputation deserved by this population forced to adapt to a hostile climate.


The capital, Anadyr, located on the estuary of the homonymous river, has a population of just 14,000. It has changed her face a lot in the early 2000s thanks to an administration that wanted to give color to its gray buildings, built on permafrost, and to embellish it with new monuments such as the cathedral, the statue of St. Nicolas, the largest in the world and the museum dedicated to the heritage of the region.


The tourist will however be more attracted by its still wild nature, the possibility of discovering the islands like that of Wrangel, registered in the heritage of UNESCO, or of Ratmanov or the landscapes of Beringia which it will be able to possibly cross on foot in the heart. of summer.


The observation of local habits and customs such as fishing, whaling, reindeer herding, bone engraving workshops will also constitute an attraction of great interest having nothing prepared for the spectators but being a real resource of the local economy.


As the road infrastructure is very limited, he will have to travel by plane, boat or on foot.

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