Tour Vladivostok and Sikhote-Aline

Tour Vladivostok and Sikhote-AlinThis tour will allow you to discover the different facets of the city of Vladivostok and of its outskirts. It will include a short trip to the Sikhote-Alin natural reserve, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. 1st DayFlight to Moscow. Arrival in Moscow and flight to Vladivostok.2nd DayArrival in Vladiv

Lena cruise programme

Cruise Programme The cruise goes downstream the Lena River up to its mouth and upstream up to Yakutsk. The ship is medium size but comfortable and it is often attended by an international clientele. The organizers will accompany you to discover the sites on the river’s shore all along and will help you to know the customs of this quite unknown r

Trekking in Yakutia(Sakha)

All along the way you will discover the little known Yakutian landscape. You will climb a mountain, reach the waterfall Nekiounnia River and the glacier of Atyr-Basa River. Travelling on the Kolyma route you will learn more on Gulag owing the visit of the museum on the history of construction of Kolyma motorway and of the hill where the women camp