Rafting to Lena Pillars

This rafting between the Sinyaya and Lena rivers will allow you to admire the main natural attraction of the Lena: the rocks that run along its shores for several kilometers called "The pillars of the Lena", a UNESCO heritage site.It will be an easy rafting for everyone and could also be suitable for families. You will cover 10-20 km per day by cat

Trip to Cape Deznev

This trip will allow you to discover the Chukotka and reach the easternmost point of Eurasia: Cape Dezhnev, named after the region’s first Russian explorer. You will get there by boat through the Bering Strait. Apart from visiting the capital Anadyr, most of your stay will be in the village of Lorino, considered the whaling capital of Russia. Dur

Chukotka autonomous region

It is the northernmost and easternmost region of Russia, largely beyond the Arctic Circle. It has the lowest population density in the country given the extreme climatic conditions (temperatures between +10 in summer and -40 in winter). As soon as you arrive at the airport, you will be greeted by a sign announcing that you are "in the land of genui

Région autonome de Tchoukotka

C’est région la plus septentrionale et la plus orientale de la Russie, en grande partie au-delà du cercle polaire arctique. Elle connaît la densité de population la plus basse du pays vu les conditions climatiques extrêmes (températures comprises entre +10 en été et - 40 en hiver). Dès votre arrivée à l’aéroport vous serez accueilli

From Norilsk to Krasnoyarsk

The trip allows to get an overview of the Putorana Plateau and to go upstream Yenisei River on a passenger ship up to the historical town of Yenisseisk. A small diversion will allow to observe the picturesque confluence of Yenisei and Angara rivers before reaching the city of Krasnoyarsk. 1st day Departure to Moscow. Arrival in Moscow

Tour Vladivostok and Sikhote-Aline

Tour Vladivostok and Sikhote-AlinThis tour will allow you to discover the different facets of the city of Vladivostok and of its outskirts. It will include a short trip to the Sikhote-Alin natural reserve, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. 1st DayFlight to Moscow. Arrival in Moscow and flight to Vladivostok.2nd DayArrival in Vladiv