Far East Russia

This vast region, which occupies more than one third of Russia and it is the least populated, is rather unknown to foreign tourists.

Its remoteness and the negative image of its tough climate and extreme life conditions have probably kept the tourists away for a long time.

Interest is presently rising from bordering countries as a result of the tightening of the relationship between Russia, China and Far East countries. Kamchatka is becoming popular in Europe as well and it is developing its infrastructure.

Despite the difficulties or the lack of comfort which can be encountered in certain trips, the landscapes, the discovery of the indigenous people, the river cruises, the unusual seaside stays and the free port of Vladivostok including the cuisine, with its shellfish and caviar in abundance, may be worth the trip.

We propose to discover the big rivers, Kamchatka peninsula, natural reserves of the Pacific coast. While some of our itineraries are entirely Siberian, most of them will cover Russian Far East.

We hope that they will arouse the interest of the travelers and that they will give them the impression to be almost pioneers while avoiding extremal tourism.


Chukotka autonomous region
Travelling on the Yenissei River
Primorie Region
Lena River